Dear friends;

Greetings and welcome to Zang Records: the home of fantastic sounds, unique melodies and pure listening; a platform aspiring to serve those who understand and appreciate “good” music and expect  nothing less; and, above all, a friendly hub for all the independent musicians who deserve the chance to rise above anonymity, be heard, be shared and let the world enjoy their music.

In line with the fulfillment of its aspiration, Zang Records is committed to undertake the covering of all the expenses related to the presentation and distribution of pre-approved and qualified works within folk, traditional, instrumental, rock, traditional, jazz and electronic genres.

Wishing us all a better future in waiting for our beloved country: Iran…

Hamed Nikpay,
Founder and C.E.O., Zang Records Inc.

About Zang Records

Let the world enjoy your music

We are an independent publisher, record label and talent management firm, our mission has been to be a label records company for all the independent artists around the globe with unique exotic talent in all music genres supporting diversity, art and creativity of our artists. Established in 2006 and still led by our founder Hamed Nikpay. multinational presence and a continually growing staff.

As experts in music licensing and synchronization, marketing,  A&R, and artist management, we are helping shape a new era in the industry with our innovative, full-service, artist-centric approach. Based in Los Angeles, We place music across thousands of streaming platforms and boost our artists presence by intense publicity and advertisement. Zang radio a Zang media group subsidiary is a live radio broadcasting our talents music live 24/7 on AM/FM and Zang Radio app found on apple store and google play for apply and android systems.