Vesal Salehian

Country: Iran

Genre: Traditional

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Vesal Salehian, born in 1991 in Semnan, has a master degree in Iranian music from Tehran University of Arts . He was pupil of Amir Rahmanian, Sharif Lotfi, Sorena Safati, Saeed Sabet, Amir Eslami, Parichehr Khajeh, Ehsan Zabihifar and Ardavan Kamkar. He started learning music in 1997 in Semnan with a tambak instrument with Abolghasem Bakhtiari. In 1999, he started to learn the dulcimer with Amir Rahmanian, and then started working in the field of playing and composing and arranging Iranian music, and then he started teaching in the fields of playing, deciphering, rowing, improvisation, salfage and rhythm in year 2008.
– The first three places in the field of solo music festivals of Master Semnan since 2002
– First place in the fourth Fajr Music Festival in the field of solo in 2002
– Third place in the 7th Young Music Festival in the field of solo in 1392
– First place in the 8th Young Music Festival in the field of solo in 1393
– One of the two selected in the Meshkatian Festival in 1389
Elected as a model youth in Semnan by the Youth Organization in 2008
-Elected as an influential youth in the field of culture in Semnan province by the National Youth Organization in 1397
– The first place in composing in the provincial and regional theater festival 1392
the performing activities of this artist are: numerous performances with the music groups of Saineh, Waresh, Saba, Golestaneh, Zanbourak, Tirouj and Abidar, and playing in the albums named (Hala Chera), (past has gone),(Dele Rosva), (Unfinished sorrow), and (sound of rain)


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